Mission: Elm City Oasis exists to provide Christian community and worship opportunities to LGBTQI people in the greater New Haven, CT area.

• To provide a safe and healing space for people (1) who were rejected by their faith communities of origin because of their sexuality or gender identity, (2) people who do not feel safe even entering a Christian church because of their spiritual trauma, (3) who are practicing Christians but isolated from other LGBTQI people of faith, and (4) LGBTQI people who attend a welcoming church with several LGBTQI people but seek even more ecumenical community amongst LGBTQI Christians.
• To provide an opportunity for LGBTQI Christians to network with those who attend a different church or no church
• To hear LGBTQI-affirming interpretation of Christian scripture
• To participate in healing ritual together as an ecumenical community

Desired Outcomes:
• Receive: LGBTQI Christians welcomes all. Through building a spirit of discipleship, this gathering will provide life-affirming community with the express purpose of extravagant welcome.
• Re-Claim: Decrease the negative impact (spiritual trauma, suicide, etc.) of the misinterpreted “clobber passages.” Instead, those who regularly attend LGBTQI Christians will learn to reclaim these passages and find a life-giving message in them.
• Revive: To bring personal and social transformation and healing.